Don’t Trust Salmon – Fin

3 stars ***

In a small stuffy basement theatre space a small audience gathered to giggle at a series of sketches unlinked to each other and mostly not about salmon (or fins). Highlights, for me, included the one about Tolstoy and the very hungry caterpillar, the one about the visiting Christians and (my favourite) the one about the voices in one’s head.

With minimal props and no set, this troupe managed to create, and draw the audience into, each new scenario, using only voices, expressions and body language. The variety of characters was impressive, as were the verisimilitude of the accents – even though you know they had a different one thirty seconds ago. Creative use of off-stage space and music and sound (including a particularly nice interpretation of the opening of the Carmina Burana) complemented well the sketches themselves.

A good show, with some inventive and very ingenious ideas.

Reviewed by Laura

Zoo Roxy, 16:00 (50 mins)

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