Splendid Isolation

5 Stars *****

Nick Ward’s play is an adaptation of Heart of Darkness and Outpost of Progress by Joseph Conrad.

Ward’s piece uses the Conrad material to excellent effect, an almost abstract and at times darkly comic experience of madness.

Johnnie Duval as Carlier and Peter Tate as Kayerts excellently build a fascinating relationship during the course of the play. Together on a quest for pearls, their voyage descends into insanity as their desperation becomes obsessive and possessive and altogether deadly towards the tense climax of the play.

Duval, Tate and Steven Beard in his supporting role, deliver realistic period characters through subtle movement and excellent use of language.

Yvonne Wandera as Makota who follows Carlier and Kayerts delivers some fine songs excellently sung to contrast with the world of Carlier and Kayerts.

Simon Usher’s acute direction and attention to detail brings a fine sense of period with a sophisticated stage dynamic of the complex subject matter.

Neil McArthur’s music and sound works in tandem to the rhythm and pace of the piece with contrast and variation. Along with Simon Bennison’s lighting work and Anthony Lamble’s design working efficiently together to create memorable stage images.

This is standout piece in all departments and will leave you thinking long after it is over.

Reviewed by Andrew Gourlay


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  1. Thanks so much for this review! We love you One4Review!

    Please come audiences of Edinburgh! We need you!!

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