Daniel Sloss: The Joker

5 Stars *****

It doesn’t seen so long ago that Daniel Sloss was performing 10 minute slots at The Stand Comedy Club, in fact I saw one of his very early ones and now he is regularly selling out the massive Speigeltent in Assembly George Square.

Sloss has risen to fame based on firstly his spectacular comedy talent and this in turn has led to TV opportunities such as McIntyre’s Roadshow and 8/10 Cats to name just two.

Still playing on his youth somewhat Sloss claims that older people will hate him, not necessarily the case young sir, many, including me, really like your style and content.

From the moment he hit the stage Daniel was in charge. Not in an aggressive way, just that he commanded the attention from the off. The range of his material is still somewhat dictated by his youth, well he is still only 20, but he is definitely maturing in his stagecraft and presence.

I feel that the progress made year in year out is a testament to his probably longevity in the business and if the size of the rooms he can regularly sell out carries on the way it has, where will be big enough for his Fringe show 2012? Only time will tell.

So grab the chance to see the immerging superstar while there still is the chance of a ticket.

Reviewed by Geoff

Assembly Speigeltent V 3

3 to 28 August

19:35 to 20:35

Fringe Brochure P62

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