David Morgan: Triple Threat


David Morgan was a new name to me this year but on checking out his show, he almost certainly could be a major name in the near future.

From Solihull in theMidlands, Musical Theatre fan Morgan describes himself as a triple threat because he can sing, act and dance and for a male in AM Dram that is a disadvantage because he never got the lead being too versatile.

A fair amount of his material is based on his abhorance of sport, Musical theatre, his sexuality, and his trials and tribulations at school, he is a young lad still I suppose, and who supported him and who didn’t.

Morgan is a character who never stands still he is always moving about, but this adds to his performance, not detracts from it and his audience interplay is cheeky and funny. His set is personal, well written and delivered with his own style.

Having seen his show, I’m not sure if he is a triple threat though. More appropriately I’d rate him a quadruple threat, because he can add comedy to the very top of his other skills.

Reviewed by Geoff

Just the Tonic@ The Tron V51

4 to 28 August

14:20 to 15:20

Fringe Programme Page


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