Jason John Whitehead: Letters from Mindy

4 Stars ****

I have been a keen viewer of this Canadian born comedian for a number of years now and always find him a funny guy with a mean line of stories and gags and I am pleased to say this year’s show was up there with the best.

Whitehead starts his set with a series of signs doing the introduction and once he starts speaking does so initially fro the foetal position on the stage as he describes the breakup with his girlfriend of five year, Mindy.

Whitehead lists the five stages of dealing with the breakup and how his friends tried to help him through it.

Through out the show he reads, sometimes with the audience’s help letters ‘magically’ delivered to his postbox from Mindy. (Jason is very proud of his ‘hi-tech’ postbox so please do diss it.)

Each letter highlights something else she objected to in the relationship, and he has this stage to respond.

Jason has a wicked sense of humour, some pithy, well written material and a pleasing delivery style, which even hold the late night beery crowd enthralled throughout the hour.

Certainly a good way of closing the Fringe evening before real partying begins.

Reviewed by Geoff

Udderbelly Dairy Room V 300

4 to 29 August (not 16)

22:25 to 23:25

Fringe brochure P 96

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