Phil Jupitus: Stand Down

5 Stars *****

The ubiquitous Phil Jupitus launched into the gig stating that it is ten years since he has done stand up, but such is the talent that he possesses it seems that he hasn’t been away from the scene for longer than ten minutes.

He claims to be doing this to keep his friend Eddie Izzard quiet and is unsure of the demographic of the age groups that would come to see his show.

Jupitus is still a larger that life personality even if he has shed a lot of weight recently and it is this, together with his comedy talent that flows from the stage engulfing on and all in the packed to capacity club.

Being a father of teenage girls is a source for one of the funniest sections of an excellent show and this alone is worth the admission money.

Other major winner is the Coldplay section, but it is probably unfair to single out any of his stuff the whole set is a winner.

Tickets are bound to be selling fast partly based on his TV appearances so do not be the one to miss out.

Reviewed by Geoff

Stand Comedy Club I Venue 5

5 to 28 August (not 15)

20:25 to 21:25

Fringe Brochure P133


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