Foursome: Purple Panda Theatre

3 Stars ***

John and Chloe have been together for two years. They share a flat with Ben a fairly straight up pharmacist and the rather more scruffy Jack, a buffoon of a Welshman, who likes rugby play stations and women.

After a disagreement the previous night, John and Chloe went out separately, but what did they get up to and do they remember even doing it?

The story progresses as secrets leak out, hangovers get worse and where does The Little Mermaid doll fit in?

There is nothing new in this show which could almost be an episode of a sit-com. That said, generally it is amusing, occasionally funny if trite. The four actors do the job asked of them competently, but I’m afraid the show was slightly long for the relatively shallow plot.

An easily watched non-challenging play okay as an antidote of some of the heavier fare that is on offer.

Reviewed by Geoff

 Spaces @ Surgeons Hall V 53

5 to 29 August

20:45 to 21:45

Fringe Brochure P 263


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