Craig Campbell

4 Stars ****

Craig Campbell is a larger than life character in every way you want to look at it. He is a tall, solid, hairy bearded guy and as a personality as large as his frame and his talent is equal to both.

Canadian by birth but a UK resident for years now,Campbell still retains a lot of his North American love for the outdoors and is evident in his material, as is his love of a drink when not working. He has a whole raft of stories of scrapes he got into when the demon liquor had been partaken of, which went down well with the crowd, and numerous references to things Scottish, which also pleased the locals.

His rather funny final story about being involved in a serious mountain climb and the consequences that ensued had the audience in convulsions yet slight horror at the same time.

Campbellis always value for money and this show is up there with the best and without a doubt his following is growing. I suggest that now would be a good time to order your tickets before he sells out.

Reviewed by Geoff

Stand III V12

5 to 28 August (not 15)

21:00 to 22:00

Fringe Brochure P 61


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