Dances for Wolves: Class Stage Productions

4 Stars  ****

This piece of theatre could easily fit into the comedy or even the musical sections, because it has elements of all in the production.

Set in the G Spot gentleman’s club our five ‘entertainers’, posh girl Meredith, welsh school teacher Paella, the older Diane and the bickering pair of Pasha and Melanoma provide the songs, daces and comedy in the contest to win a lucrative dancing contract for the rich Arab owner of the Wolves, the local football team

This play written by Kirsty Eyre is fun with a capital F, and the pace never drops from the opening scene to the last.

Each girl tells their back story, takes the mickey fro the audience and all sing like angels.

The show is not ground breaking but it is very entertaining and well worth an evening visit.

Reviewed by Geoff

C Aquila( Roman Eagle Lodge) Venue 21

4 to 29 August (not 16)

21:30 to 22:20

Fringe Brochure P 253


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