Richard Herring’s Edinburgh Fringe Podcast

4Star ****

Podcast Godfather Richard Herring is recording is daily blog live atEdinburgh’s finest Comedy Club The Stand. Those who follow this event will know of the results of his musing on the daily events of the world and also enjoy this articulate and entertaining comedian for free via itunes.

Well if you are in theEdinburgharea here’s your chance to see it actually recorded live.

Each day Herring has a special guest and a comedian has a chance to do five minutes material to broaden their audience and raise their profile.

The one I saw recorded the special guest was comedy legend and Fringe veteran Barry Cryer. Although he is now 76 years old you wouldn’t think so. He is as sprightly as ever and his wit razor sharp.

Herring acts as the chat show host as well as adding to the proceedings and gets Cryer to recall a few anecdotes of his life as well.

The comedian on the day was Edward Aczel currently performing at the Underbelly who did himself a lot of good in his short set.

Herring and Cryer returned to close proceedings and also to give away a selection of prizes too a double bonus.

Reviewed by Geoff

Stand I V 5

5 to 29 August

14:20 to 15:20

Fringe Brochure P140


Asian Provocateurs: Rule Britannia! – Free

4 Stars ****

Sajeela Kershi and Yasmeen Khan are the two ladies behind this irreverant, well written and extremely funny sketch show that is interlinked with almost stand-up routines. They have a goal and in the course of an hour they are trying to achieve it.

The seems to be a real rappore between them. Their show gentle at times, less subtle at others pokes fun at stereotypes, talent shows, red-tape officialdom, Bollywood, news channels and even the News of the World scandal. These are just a few of the subjects lampooned by this dynamic duo.

In most sketch shows the standard of sketches tend to vary somewhat, but I feel that the quality on view here is consistanly high. No wonder they have done well in contests down south and come highly recommended by national newspapers!!

There has been a rumour of TV being interested in them. Who knows, you could be watching the heirs to the French and Saunders niche if luck goes their way.

As part of the Free Festival entry is free, but these ladies have to eat so please give generously to their collection bucket at the end of the show.

Reviewed by Geoff

Laughing Horse at Espoinage

4 to 28 August (not Mondays)

18:15 to 19:15

Fringe Brochure P 40


3 Star ***

Manipulators is an up close magic act of manipulation and misdirection presented by Simon Coronel and Vyom Sharma.

The close up magic is involved and with the performers sleeves rolled up keeps you guessing to how they manage to do it.

The storytelling telling element is strong about the detailed intricacies of how misdirection works.

The personalities of Vyom and Simon are generous and engaging and a big part about what makes the show watchable, there is no pretentiousness or trying to impress but a great ease to the show and the well executed magic.

Reviewed by Andrew Gourlay

Fabulous Divas of Hollywood

3 Stars ***

Fabulous Divas of Hollywood is Alan Palmer’s one man show homage to the stars of the silver screen.

From Judy Garland to Barbra Streisand, Alan Palmer gives a song and dance number and explains what each one means to him.

Each song is a tribute, with flamboyant costumes and wigs, charts the stars from the Golden age to modern day pop stars.

Alan Palmer’s storytelling is personal and engaging with a warm personality.

Exactly what it says on the tin, this is a great bit of fun and unlikely to offend, (unless you like Faye Dunaway)

Reviewed by Andrew Gourlay

Phil Nichol: The Simple Hour

5 Stars *****

Phil Nichol is such a versatile performer it just isn’t fair to the rest of us mortals.

Nichol is an award winning actor. Nichol is an accomplished musician. Nichol won the Perrier Award for his comedy a few years back. And yet he comes back, thank God, year after year to entertain his legion of fans once more.

Again this year he has reverted to doing simply an hour’s worth of stuff with no complex characters, just being himself, the crazy, wacky, funny hyperactive comedy genius and musician that only he can do at once.

It is obvious that he is enjoying the gig as much as his packed out audience are, this flows from the stage and engulfs one and all.

Okay perhaps some of the stuff has been aired before, but then it is quality stuff and that can always be seen more than once. Certainly his regular fans lapped it up and the new converts hopefully were impressed too.

Now this show is selling out almost every performance and it is not a huge room. So today would be a good day to book your ticket before they are all gone.

Reviewed by Geoff

Stand V Venue 8a

5 to 28 August

20:50 to 21:50

Fringe Brochure P 134

Vladimir McTavish: Scotsman’s Guide to Betting

4 Star ****

Vladimir McTavish is an institution on the Scottish Comedy scene. And quite rightly so. He is an articulate, well researched and written comedian who has a very pleasing delivery style and always an interesting take on things.

This years story comes about because one of his friends lost £7,000 at last years’ Fringe, non gambler Vlad decides to see if he can make this sum starting with a small stake prior to this years version.

With a show that is funny, interesting and absorbingly clever he regales the crowd of his saga in the pursuit of this target.

This takes us literally around the world and each stop gives McTavish the opportunity in include a whole raft of material that is not necessarily gambling related.

You don’t need to be a gambler to enjoy this show. You don’t need to be Scottish. You do however need to be prepared to enjoy listening to an excellent hour of clever and funny material from a master of his craft.

Reviewed by Geoff

Stand IV V 12

5 to 28 August

19:05 to 20:05

Fringe Brochure P163

Susan Murray’s: Photobooth

4 Stars ****

Although she is a born Scot Susan Murray grew up in the West Midlands and it was there she developed he fascination with collecting passport sized photos taken from this cubicle that has stayed with her till today.

Susan has literally hundreds, and these fall into various categories, some of which she shares with us both on a ‘wall’ and also on a huge screen.

Now other people’s photos can be boring to the extreme, but Ms Murray not only circumnavigates this but also manages to make the show both interesting and funny throughout.

She is a bubbly personality and very likeable to boot. Her style is inclusive, she asks for audience interaction, but it is painless, and I found myself playing along with her in her offering of ‘points’ for guessing who people may be or what they might do.

There was a feel good atmosphere throughout her hour, which went very quickly it seemed.

This is the third time I have seen her perform to date and each time I have liked her style more. So see if you agree. I think you just might.

Reviewed by Geoff

Stand IV V 12

5 to 28 August

17:55 to 18:55

Fringe Brochure P 156