Danny Bevins: Infectious Waste

4 Stars


Danny Bevins is an American comedian new to me and possibly to many others this side of the Atlantic. Within minutes, I had good vibes about his brand of witty, observational humour. These good first impressions were sustained right to the end of the hour. In fact the material just got better and better. There is a sharp and ironic edge to his comedy which is delivered in an easy, relaxed manner.

He appears on stage dressed in tie and smart suit as if he might have just finished working in Edinburgh’s banking sector. The whole point of wearing this attire is to point out that we have more to fear from men in suits than just about any other assembly of males. How true that notion has proved, particularly in Edinburgh!

From this political opening, much of the rest of his show is based on personal anecdotes. He loves to play with words and phrases revealing the contradictions and lazy thinking which people exhibit. He has an interesting background being born and raised in Kentucky; his retired father was a soldier and his mother is a devout Christian. He hastened to add that she is a good Christian and not one of the hate Christians.

Unusually for a stand-up comedian, he spent four years in the army and the experience of nearly getting killed on a training exercise is belly laugh material. His final routine of planning his own funeral, emphasising the syllable ‘fun’ in funeral, is hilarious.

I could have quoted line after line of his routine, but why do that when you can go and see his act for yourself.

Reviewed by Ben

Gilded Balloon Teviot/The Attic: 14

3 to 28 August 2011 (not 15)

18.30 – 19.30

Fringe Programme Page Number: 63


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