Wendy Wason: Flashbacks

4 Stars ****

I have been keeping an eye on Wendy Wason as a comic for a while ever since I saw her as an Amused Moose Comedy Starlet some years ago and am delighted at her progress.

Ms Wason although heavily pregnant and claims to be suffering from baby brain seemed to have it all together on the day I saw her and I’m convinced that the audience would agree with me in that her hour of well put together and funny material was more than right up to the mark.

In a potted history of her life, Wendy shares anecdotes a plenty, of her family, her travels, her relationship and kids through running marathons and right upto date with the imminent arrival.

I find her a comic who is engaging, has well written and of course funny. She seems to be having a chat with mates over a coffee or a beer, well maybe not the beer at present. Okay much of her material is less than groundbreaking but it certainly is always entertaining and generates plenty of laughs.     

Reviewed By Geoff

Stand II V 5

5 to 28 August

15:30 to 16:30

Fringe Brochure P 164


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