Fear of a Brown Planet

3 stars ***

This show brings you two funny people for the price of one. Not, as I had been expecting, double-act stand-up, but half an hour each of Nazeem Hussain and Aamer Rahman, each introduced by a video-montage poking mild fun at various political idiocies.

Edgy, pithy, sharp political-point making is not the sum and substance of this show, although at times it verges on it. Rather, it has a good-natured prod at some of the interesting and point-worthy differences and occurrences between white and ‘brown’ people: the disproportionate over-selection of non-white people for scrutiny at airport security or the under-representation of white people as Hollywood villains. While these are interesting, and are generally acceptable as comic subjects, I got the feeling that both Nazeem and Aamer, being engaging and likeable people, could, had they chosen, have successfully taken the audience with them to some very edgy and sharply political places indeed.

A blunt-talking show about subjects many – brown and white – are wary of.

Reviewed by Laura

Gilded Balloon Teviot, 19:15 (1hr)

Until 29th Aug


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