The Hollycopter

5 stars *****

This woman is very very funny, which shouldn’t strictly be the case, since the story she’s telling is of how she came to jump from a pier and spend four days in hospital because of her resultant injury. But, as Ms Walsh took us through the background and build-up to the calamitous event, with numerous asides, diversions and detours along the way, I found myself hoping for just a few un-funny sentences so I could stop laughing and remember how to breathe. The rest of the audience seemed to be in the same predicament.

Holly Walsh has qualities similar to the best teachers: a good nature, un-pretentious confidence and authority and the ability to sustain interest and curiosity in her subject-matter. She also uses visual aids – which are just that, aids to her comedy, used skilfully and appropriately and which don’t dominate the show.

In this tiny little venue, everything is up close and personal – Holly and your fellow audience members. Savour it before she makes it big.

Reviewed by Laura

Pleasance Courtyard (Cellar), 18:00 (1hr)

Until 29th August


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