Cluedo the Musical

4 stars


An accomplished performance from this youth group of a show based on the board game (and not dissimilar in idea to Kander & Ebb’s ‘Curtains’). The cast do a good job overall although it’s fair to say the three girls steal the show singing-wise. The solo for Scarlet in particular is both a good song and very well sung – however many of the cast could do with some more acting direction as this song in particular was sung with all the ‘musical theatre arm’ actions etc. to go along with it! Just needs toned down a bit.

The simple piano accompaniment is spot on as is the dramatic underscoring and what a refreshing change to have a cast miced! It made all the difference. Diction was also generally excellent and I could follow everything fine.

I will say though that there were far more sexual references than I would have expected for a family show at this time of day. It’s unnecessary (fine to have adult connotations in the lib but we don’t need the associated hand gestures please!)Β and a couple of the songs could be dropped for length, to be fair.

But all in all a good show with the usual expected twists and turns to keep you guessing.

Review by Alan.

Paradise in Augustine’s, 16:25-18:00.

Until 27th August.


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  1. Well that’s not bad for a first review!!! πŸ˜€ I am the Mum of Scarlet πŸ˜‰ AKA Emma-Jane Jackson πŸ™‚

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