Flood: Flood Theatre

2 Star **

I have to admit that this wasn’t on my list of shows to see originally. But the persuasive crew persuaded me brave what is self-billed as a cruel comedy and a fusion of sketch show, detective story and tragedy.

This self devised piece certainly lived up to it’s billing, well I would possibly question the comedy part, to me it was more anti comedy, or being generous surreal to the nth degree.

The seven strong cast certainly put their hearts and soul into what they presumably believed in, just that I’m guessing 80% of the audience were at best confused, and a lot wanted to be elsewhere.

It was quick paced, it was totally different, there was an element of storyline, and they could always be heard, even if not always understood.

At one point one section of the audience is berated over some perceived misdemeanour, only to be then told but at least you are getting it not like that lot, being the majority of us. I guess you will either love this or totally hate it. As you may have gathered this production was not for me. And then some!!

But if you like the absurd, experimental style then it maybe it could be for you. Oh and beware of occasional nudity too.

Reviewed by Geoff

Spaces @ Surgeon’s Hall V

Until 27 August

22:50 to 23:50


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