Who’s Lunch is it Anyway – Stand Comedy Club Edinburgh – 15 July

Someone once said that nothing in this world was for free. Well I have news for them. Each Sunday lunchtime The Stand Comedy Club proves that wrong by offering a free show provided by the doyens of Scottish Improv Comedy, Stu Murphy and Garry Dobson, not only is it free to get, in but no collection is taken on the way out either.

Although I have been going to the Stand for many years now this was the first time I had availed myself of the offer, and along with numerous others, partook of a very reasonably priced lunch prior to proceeding kicking off.

Now I have seen these two very funny and extremely talented guys many times over the years so was aware of what we were in for, a variety of games based on audience suggestions all of which gave the punters a chance to try and throw these guys, not much hope of that I can assure you, but also a chance for Murphy and Dobson to showcase their skill. And Boy did they deliver. In spades!!

The show runs from 13-30 until 15-00 and roughly half way through a short break takes place for glasses to be recharged, and in the second half we even had an added bonus. Thinking he was just coming in to watch Joe Heenan a much loved  Stand comic was somehow inveigled into joining in the hilarity, a role he was perhaps less used to than his usual stand-up, but proving his versatility he certainly added to the proceedings, ramping up the quality further.

The games will be well known to most I guess, but the interpretation comes down to the individual exponents, and in these guys you simply have some of the very best of their genre performing.

This show runs almost every Sunday so there is plenty of opportunity for you to catch them, and of course one of the things about Improv is that it is different every time.

During August however The Edinburgh Fringe comes to town, so it is not on, but fear not Murphy and Dobson are relocating to the newly refurbished Assembly Rooms and are performing virtually everyday at 12.15 to 13.15, hence even more chances to catch them.

To find out the details check out www.thestand.co.uk or www.arfringe.com for all the information on this and many other shows available.

Reviewed by Geoff

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