Damien Crow – The World According to Damien Crow


The world, according to Damien Crow, doesn’t understand him: neither his soul nor his dress sense. Two thirds of the show is spent explaining why, and in the last third, he (and a friend) demonstrates. Apparently your stereotypical goth, Damien derides his friends and family and despairs of life in general. He’s also rather musical, and dances surprisingly well.

I was convinced by the character of Damien. I understood his reflections on life as a goth were on display in order for the audience to laugh at his mild delusion (Damien can make people go blind by staring at them really hard) – and in general, it was quite amusing. But, I wasn’t sure how far Damien was complicit in laughing at himself. At times painfully awkward and naïve, apparently lost in his reveries, at others (fairly few to be fair) his comments were starkly out of character.

Various interesting ideas were presented, but for me, there wasn’t a clear enough contrast between Damien’s interpretation and the reality his slide shows and music reveals. But then, maybe I’m one of those who simply misunderstand.

Reviewed by Laura

Assembly Rooms

1 – 26 Aug; 16:00

Fringe Programme p.61


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