James Acaster – Prompt


This is the first time I have taken in a James Acaster show and I was mightily impressed by his complete stage presence, comic timing and the effortless ease of his storytelling approach to comedy. His style is best described as eccentric with many twists and turns, even indeed, full loops.

His delivery ranges from the mainly deadpan to the occasionally frenzied. Content-wise, there is a diversity of subjects, including his remix of his home-town football team Kettering Town’s supporter’s chant to his findings on his research on bread. His engagement with the audience resulting from his bread discoveries is gentle and good natured.

There is a touch of surrealism when, on a night out with the lads, he considers whether the nightclub they attended could be likened to an apple orchard. There is much more but it is not for me to reveal all his hilarious routines. All I will say is that he neatly brought together various elements in his performance in a grand finale.

Reviewed by Ben

Pleasance Courtyard/Baby Grand; 33

1 to 26 August 2012

20.15 – 21.15

Fringe Programme Page Number: 100


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