Logic for a 5 Year Old


Two comics, Jon Wagstaffe and Richard Wood, bring you a short stand up piece each, preceded by some video tomfoolery, a sketch and ‘musical musings’. They’re in The Space @ Surgeons’ Hall, and do remember to shhhh! if you’re waiting for a show inside.

Listening to Jon Wagstaffe was like listening to your slightly over-clocked mate in the pub regaling you with stories of his weekend, complete with raucous detours, unfinished sentences (not that it meant you couldn’t follow) and inappropriately mixed metaphors. It had a rambling narrative flow, and it genuinely sounded like he was coming up with each sentence on the spot.

Richard Wood, gangly and slightly more awkward, was equally engaging and charming. His comedy is quite diverse, incorporating his observations of life – mainly relationships – some very edgy material and some lovely Dickens and Shakespeare one-liners. It’s Richard who provides the musical musings, accompanying himself on piano.

They’re not on for long (only the end of next week!) but they’re very funny and well worth an hour of your time.

Reviewed by Laura

The Space @ Surgeons’ Hall

4 – 11 Aug; 21:20

Fringe Programme p.116


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