Bitesize Chekhov


Chekhov is a nineteenth century Russian writer, who wrote lots of plays which aren’t much fun to read, but are quite good when acted. The three presented here – The Proposal, The Bear and Swan Song – are particularly vibrant and engrossing adaptations.

The venue – a lush room upstairs in the Merchant’s Hall – provides a fitting backdrop. The staging and costume is simple and doesn’t detract from the story and the emotion. There’s also some music, and that’s about it, apart from the three absolutely entrancing actors. Chekhov’s plays are good, but these people bring such life and energy to their parts that you can’t help but be bewitched. There’s almost too much to watch as each character vies for your attention.

If you aren’t sure about theatre, this is a great place to start. Three plays in an hour – that’s an entire story in twenty minutes. They’re funny, engaging, poignant and utterly delightful.

Reviewed by Laura

Spotlites @ The Merchants’ Hall

2 – 15 Aug; 17:40

Fringe Programme p.260


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