Jim Campbell: Nine Year Old Man


Jim Campbell is a confident, likeable performer, slickly demonstrating to his audience that they were in for a good time. His show title might imply an immaturity, but as a comic, he’s anything but, dealing well with the slightly reticent preview-audience responses to his questions, and turning that into an 100% response rate courtesy of just a few casual one-liners.

As for his material, Campbell’s topics range from Scottish clan rivalry, to his catalogue of universities attended, and his somewhat concerning relationship with his father, not forgetting the exploits of his wildcard friend Gav, and Gav’s two year old daughter.

Campbell thoroughly justifies why he can call himself a “Nine Year Old Man” looking at various aspects of growing up, and taking responsibility, as well as analysing his own likelihood of being able to do so, if he were suddenly needed to become a grown up “normal person”. Maybe one day he’ll do so, but I hope even if so that he’ll keep his quirky, funny take on life in the 21st century, with all it’s niggles and good reasons for a bit of a moan.

Reviewed by Gill Smith


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