A Real Man’s Guide to Sainthood


Having enjoyed Milk Productions show last year Bluebeard: A Fairytale for Adults, I know the company has a flair for original and imaginative theatre. This year their version of George being plucked from obscurity to become a Saint has all the hallmarks of their distinctive style.

The lead roles are taken by Adam Robertson who delivers his lines as compere and the King of Silene with panache, and Stuart Wilde as an extremely athletic George. The supporting roles in terms of songs and music are provided by Saskia Solomons, Samuel Milsom and Tiff Wear. All five performers work as a team in their unique presentation of the visual content using overhead projectors and piles and piles of acetates. Their other unique feature is the use of bicycle power to create special lighting effects.

The first half of the show is played as fast and continuous comedy, often hilariously so. The second half has a darker and edgier mood – hence a slowing in pace. After all, to become a Saint, death usually has to occur.

Full credit must go all the creative team led by Lucy Skilbeck (Director) and Ruby Glaskin (Producer). This show is storytelling with total commitment.

Reviewed by Ben

Underbelly Cowgate/Big Belly; 61

2 to 26 August 2012 (not 9 & 10)

18.40 – 19.40

Fringe Programme Page Number: 312


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