Pretending things are a c*ck


This show isn’t actually as immature as it sounds. Granted, it does contain lots of pictures of Mr Bennett posing with various things, but it’s all tied together with the stories behind the images. He attempts to answer some questions (like, why?) and offers an insight into the various experiences this pastime has introduced him to.

While there are less photos and more stories than I’d anticipated, the balance works well, and it never becomes an endless litany of variations on a theme. The photos are all essentially the same, but if parts of the body make you laugh, there’s enough inventiveness here to keep you amused. If it’s stories that’re your thing, well, there’s a picture to go with the story, something to look at (besides Mr Bennett of course) while you listen.

While you won’t get full on belly laughs, you will get some good stories. Some photos may entertain some people more than others, as was the case for the audience I was part of. And, if you’re so inclined, you can try it for yourself at the end.

Reviewed by Laura

Pleasance Courtyard

3 – 27 Aug, 21:45


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