Sara Pascoe : The Musical


3 Star

I have to admit being intrigued by the title of this show. I knew of Ms Pascoe the stand-up, Ms Pascoe the actor, but Ms Pascoe the singer?

Along with quite a mixed crowd I took my place and yes she did appear with a guitar and there were a few examples of her singing, but in essence it was a stand-up show. Who knew?

She gave an synopsis of her life from the early days and a lot of the material I found amusing rather than belly laughingly funny, but a whole lot of ‘her greatest fans’ were having the time of there lives. Plenty of her anecdotal content was self deprecating, and although she is an attractive woman does not play on her looks, rather the reverse in most cases.

The set although subject to numerous late comers initially was well rounded and structured, I just wondered about the need for the music. It added little other than to address the show title.

Reviewed by Geoff

Assembly George Square 3

1-26 August

21-15 to 22-15

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