Juliet Meyers: Raised By Fridge Magnets.

3 Stars


Okay noon is hardly the optimum time to stage a stand-up show it’s barely breakfast time in Fringe terms but Juliet Meyers is upto the task.

The title of the show refers to her ‘deprived’ childhood missing something she coveted in her neighbour’s house.

Okay in fairness this was only one of the stopping off places in the hour packed with material on a variety of subjects, the Jubilee, rape alarms, Australian landladies, Woman’s Hour, Twitter experiences and her heritage and all subjects Ms Meyers visits in the course of her show, which was well written and readily received by the attentive audience.

Juliet is a personable comic with a pleasing style, she can be self-deprecating and certainly is non confrontational and this show is nice way to start off a busy Fringe day.

Reviewed by Geoff

Stand Comedy Club II

12-00 to 13-00

2-26 August (not 13)


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