Rob Deering – The One


4 Stars

Rob Deering has been coming to the Edinburgh Fringe for 11 years now man and boy and has this process has taken place he has gradually almost morphed into a total one man band, just him, his humour, his singing voice, his skill on numerous trusty instrument and what he lives by a whole bank of effect pedals an looping gear.

What Deering does each year is demonstrate how ‘easy’ it is to create music live with a little bit of this and a little bit of that and Wow, how well can he do it!!

Add to this mix is his smooth, charming and flirty personality and a ready wit and you can bet it is one hell of a potent mix. And it is one that can be seen year after year because although the ingredients are similar the end product is always different, and many, many people do return annually.

On the night he had a couple of technical difficulties, but did it faze him? No way. Three audience members were recruited to the band and off we all marched into the Edinburgh evening, most I guess to return again next year.

Reviewed by Geoff

Pleasance Beneath V 33

1-26 August (not 14)

20-15 to 21-15

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