Holly Burn – The H Club

4 Stars


Ever wanted to join a private members club but couldn’t get in? A thought that had never preoccupied me I must admit, but wacky Holly Burn has solved the problem for us all by opening the H Club and everyone is welcome.

Now Ms Burn is definitely someone who you ignore at your peril. She is certainly not a stand up although she is definitely funny, she is not really a character comedian , but she does play characters at times, she mixes styles with almost slapstick at times, certainly physical comedy and obliterates the fourth wall throughout.

Her shows can seem chaotic, yet it is controlled mayhem and where some stuff is a little surreal for my tastes the overall package is more than worth checking out.

The audience are actively involved, some probably more so than they would wish with the participation in one of her games, but it is always Holly who pays the price.

It took me a wide to tune into her style but once I did I look forward to see where her fertile imagination is taking us to this year, so it’s you chance to find out too.

Reviewed by Geoff

Just The Tonic at The Caves

2 to 26 August (not 14)

16-40 to 17-40


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