The Happy Prince

2 stars

Well, he didn’t look very happy but Tom Dawkins as the prince stood out (in a good way)  in what is otherwise a strangely bemusing production.

Good points – the music is really lovely and generally well sung and it’s nice to see a production with mics for that extra boost.

However – this is a family show. Quite literally. I’m sorry but this really does look like a family outing to put on a show at the Fringe. I’m all for encouraging youths of all ages to get into theatre but, for example, too many times the young lad playing the swallow really looked like he didn’t want to be there. I’d be the first to encourage him to keep at it though, theatre is great for building confidence and skills etc. and that is no bad thing.

But overall the production values are poor, the acting is weak and there are direction issues (e.g. acting to the side audiences when there aren’t side audiences). Younger audiences might appreciate it more but I’m not sure they’ll understand what’s going on.

Review by Alan.

1-27 August (not 14)


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