The Many Mishaps Of Mr Vinegar


The Many Mishaps Of Mr Vinegar is a bright, cheerful and enjoyable production. The children in the audience were engaged and involved in the tale from start until finish. The story was well told with great lighting,sound and costume effects and a very catchy song list, the main tune was still being sung hours later in our house! The actors themselves were enjoyable and believable to watch and all in all, this was a great show for children and their families to take the time to visit, a nice treat for the family in the festival.

The Space@Surgeons Hall, Nicholson Street, EH8 9DW.

August 6-11  13.20pm  (50mins)  £8.00 (£6.00)

August 13-18, 20-25 11.20am (50 mins) £8.00 (£6.00)

Reviewed by Kath.