AAA Stand Up

3 Stars


I have been attending this Fringe show over the years to see what is in essence a small showcase of up and coming comics, three traditionally in the hour.

This gives these guys a chance to experience the Fringe life and yet not have the pressure of an hours show, hence giving more time to develop.

A lot of comics have used this route so it is a good chance to see someone before they are famous.

The three in residence this year are Tom Toal, Rhys James and Joe Wells.

A fairly healthy crowd were there, but it was not an easy bunch for these guys to deal with, so initially it was down to Tom Toal, who was the compere to set the standard, something he managed pretty well given the circumstances, delivering some good material, warming up everyone prior to giving way to Rhys James. Now he is 21 but looks about 12, and really was not given much of an opportunity to shine. His slightly upper class set, which did contain some good stuff, didn’t seem to hit the right note.

Toal tried again with his stuff, supporting his fellow comics and made some headway prior to introducing Joe Wells to close.

His upperclass accent coupled with leftie leanings and to me anyway some pretty decent material just didn’t seem to sit well, and when a heckler ruined his set up for a well constructed gag, well, let’s say he didn’t handle it well loosing his way briefly, but all credit, picked himself up and got back on track to finish his routine.

Toal closed it out and guys, this was not a great gig, put it down to experience and move on, I’m sure on another night all will be good.

Reviewed by Geoff

1-27 August

19-15 to 20-15


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