Barbara Nice – Mrs Nice

4 Stars


Now I am a reviewer of many years experience and certainly one of the golden rules I have is never to give away any outstanding parts of any show I attend. Okay allude to them perhaps, but never tell.

So my quandary is what the hell do I say about this performance, cause it is so jam packed with so many devices it almost means I can say nothing, but here goes.

Barbara Nice is just that nice. She is like everyone’s favourite Nan. She banters with her crowd, gets to know them, make friends with one and all, she tells a few funny stories and that’s about where I have to stop.

Do go to the show. I defy you to leave without a smile on your face. Everybody loved it, the venue staff loved it, Hell half the population of Edinburgh loved it.

Do be prepared to get involved however, it’s all fun and because if you don’t you will really miss out.

Reviewed by Geoff

Assembly Rooms Studio One

2 to 26 August (not 13)

14-40 to 15-40


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