Bat Boy

4 stars

I really wasn’t looking forward to this as how can you cut Bay Boy down to one hour? Mercifully this is the full show at two hours long – the programme and posters are in error although it’s been fixed on the Fringe web site. I hope it hasn’t put too many people off going to see this.

Anyway, is it any good? Yes! Excellent in fact. However it is really let down by the lack of mics. All too often, especially at the start, we miss important exposition of the story and so many of the jokes and clever writing is just not heard which is such a shame. Too much of dialogue/singing is directed into the wings and just lost (or anything behind the pros arch for that matter). Sit down the front if you can.

Good points – the cast are very good and the main principals a joy, with a special mention to Bat Boy himself for a superbly developed character. The simple set ideas also work really well.

Lastly I have to mention the band – fantastic work up there folks. Tight and nicely balanced if a tad fast at times for some of the more wordy songs but otherwise nicely played.

Review by Alan

1-27 August (not 13)


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