Blues & Burlesque – B ‘n’ B Group

4 Stars


This mid afternoon slot is definitely not the normal time slot for a show of this genre, one would normally expect this to be around midnight, but then this is Edinburgh when anything goes.

Welcoming the healthy crowd to the Counting House club was the delightful Vicious Delicious while keyboard wizard Pete Saunders played up a storm keeping everyone well entertained.

The pacey show was a selection of Blues, burlesque, cabaret and dance as the afore mentioned pair were joined by ‘Bouncy’ Hunter to complete the lineup.

All performers are obviously quality seasoned pros and the are totally at one with their show, employing all the devices one would normally expect from this genre and using them with style.

The hour was a quick one, which is indicative of a good show and then it was out into the night, except given the time it was a sunny afternoon.

This is part of The Laughing Horse Free Festival so entry is free but a donate is welcome on leaving and for a show like this a folding one would be in order.

Reviewed by Geoff

Counting House

Until August 17

14-45 to 15-45

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