Dr Seuss I Love You


This show is brought to you by The American High School Theatre Festival. It centres around a shy student who rarely speaks but who has her head forever within the pages of her beloved Dr Seuss books. The characters in the books are her only friends and when she misses the chance to stand up for these characters when her strict teachers dismisses them as rubbish, her friends appear and help her to spread the word about Dr Seuss. The characters are easily identifiable if you know your Seuss, and if you miss one you’ll be able to hear other members of the audience spot them.

This is a really enjoyable musical, it has been put together well and it was obvious that the cast were enjoying themselves also. The songs are catchy and easy to follow, the costumes and choreography were very well executed too.

All in all, a bright and hugely entertaing show, really worth a visit.

Cheurc Hill Theatre, 33 Morningside Road, EH10 4DR

August 7,11 18.30pm £5.00

August 10 10.30am £5.00

Reviewed by Kath


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