Sarah Kendall – Get Up Stand Up

4 Stars


Flame haired Aussie Sarah Kendall has been missing from the Fringe scene for a couple of years and for me anyway it has been a loss.

The reason is that she has become a mother and some of her initial material was on that fact and not being the most natural mother was finding the experience a little challenging.

The ‘Black Wednesday’ crowd were also a challenge for he initially, but being the trouper she is she won them round and then some. It is fair to say I think that Sarah doesn’t tell jokes, she is observational in style, always well prepared and can find funny stuff through out, which is turned  into laughter from all quarters during her show.

She gives her take on such diverse subjects as fairy stories, Rap videos, auditions, pole dancing more on her daughter, the YouTube worst acting video clip of all time and rounds off the show with her own special finale.

It’s good to have her back in Edinburgh and in fine form, as usual.

Reviewed by Geoff

Pleasance Two

1-27 August (not 13)

20-30 to 21-30


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