Josie Long: – Romance & Adventure

4 Star


Josie Long is always a hot ticket come any Fringe so much so that I haven’t really been able to see her as often as I wanted too, but this year I made it.

Josie is very much a non-pretentious comic. No star struck diva her. She is on stage welcoming one and all as we file into the Pleasance One chatting away, posing for pictures what ever people wanted, the off stage , the lights dim and wham she is off and barely pauses for breath for the next hour.

The essence of the show is the last twelve months of her hectic life, climbing mountains, moving house, a new relationship and how although a social justice lover has developed a taste for some of the ‘good things in life.’

Josie has just turned 30 and a section reflecting on this poses a few questions and answers from her and how some values have changed, but her roots are still more than evident. Playing less salubrious areas with her friends, in public but privately owned places and her philosophy of staying silly are still very much to the fore.

Ms Long is a quality comedian who is engaging and very funny. She has across the board appeal and it is little surprise her  name is usually up there when awards are being dished out.

Reviewed by Geoff

Pleasance One

Until 27 August (not 18,19)

18-00 to 19-00

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