Sajeela Kershi – Regret- Me- Nots

4 Star


Since the first time I saw her perform a few years ago now I have been keen to see the progress of this very likeable comic and the development has been very significant.

She comes across as supremely confident, happy to go to he audience for input, but with a full set of material as well.

Now this is fair enough when there are huge numbers to ‘play’ with but to be able to sustain the high level of presentation to a smaller audience is less easy, and the crowd I saw the show with were not so giving either.

But that didn’t matter to Ms Kerchi. She had a full hour of extremely funny and entertaining stuff, a lot very personal as she exposed some of her regrets in life; some of the material was almost tear jerking too.

Hilarious stories of dating, her first kiss, bitchy friends and a whole raft of family stuff leading on to her major regret were delivered openly and honestly, yet in a way to make you laugh. This is by far the strongest set I have seen her deliver by far.

Now we all have regrets, but do yourself a favour, go check out her show or there will be another thing in your life to regret if you don’t.

Reviewed by Geoff


Until 26 August (not 13, 20)

18-15 to 19-15

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