Adam Hills – Mess Around

4 Stars


There is a simple idea behind this show’s concept. For 15 years now Adam Hills has been creating a well written show which was performed to oodles of fans, But usually during the opening warm up banter session he enjoyed himself so much he was loathe to do it, so why not a show the other way round? 45 minutes audience banter and a little bit material.

Surely a win – win situation.

Hills is such a nice guy, he is absolutely at home chatting to everyone, and the comedy Gods had smiled on him with the audience he had the night I went to see him. Posh IT experts, a Aussie called Paris, a copper from Alice Springs and a couple of mature couples from Falkirk who arrived late. All meat and drink to him, in fact just maybe too much at times.

I absolutely defy anyone to leave a Hills gig feeling disappointed, it just cannot be possible. Okay this format can only be as good as his participants, but I wouldn’t worry so much on that score,he can certainly pick out the gems. And his prepared material? That was pretty damn good too!!

Reviewed by Geoff

Assembly Rainy Halls

Until 19 August

Times vary


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