Dr Bunhead’s Blast Off!


A show that claims to target age 0-99 is taking a risk, but this show managed impressively near that. Before it even started, the tension was building with fast music and plenty of safety warnings, so when Dr Bunhead appeared for the warm up, the crowd were already on the edges of their seats.

The show encompased so many apsects of science, making it thoroughly educational, to please the parents, and brilliant entertainment, to please the kids. It had fire, it had flying cuddly toys, it had a mock gameshow, and a use for custard powder almost as good as it’s intended purpose. On this occasion, they even managed to throw in risking a Blue Peter presenter’s hair, but this was, I believe, a one-off.

Between fire, and space, there was a lot to learn, and to take in, but I suspect none of the children realised they were in a perfectly formed science lesson – they were having too much fun – if they weren’t too busy covering their ears!

The only minor niggle I could have is that some of those bangs are loud, so perhaps age 4-99 might have been a safer target age group.

Reviewed by Gill Smith

Assembly George Square

To 11th August

10:30 to 11:30


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