Proof – Sell A Door Theatre Company

4 Stars


Catherine is about to turn 25. She is a troubled lady having spent the last few years being the carer for her once brilliant mathematician father Robert, who latterly suffered from mental illness, prior to his death.

One of Robert’s former students Hal discovers in his mentors notebooks a mathematical proof that was thought to be impossible, but who discovered it?

Robert’s other daughter Claire returns to the family home for the funeral and tries to reorganise Catherine’s life. Not an easy job as Hal is buzzing around the books, about Catherine and the mysterious proof has issues behind it too.

Could it be Catherine has inherited her father’s genius?

This is a delightfully staged play written by David Auburn, simply staged, and powerfully directed by David Hutchison. The four actors, Holly Easterbrook, Amy Burke, Marcus Taylor and Ben Wiggins are strong throughout and I was particularly impressed with Ms Easterbrook as she portrayed the troubled Catherine with great style.

Everything I have see this fine company stage is excellent and this is no exception.

Reviewed by Geoff

Pleasance Above

1-27 August

14-00 to 15-00


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