Martin Dockery: Wanderlust


Martin Dockery is a likeable and humorous storyteller. His show is a collection of his experiences on a journey through the countries of West Africa.

He is in his mid-thirties, single and comes from New York. Whilst working with the New York Stock Exchange he became bored with the meaningless of his existence. He decided to go on a back packing trip to a remote part of the world away from the usual destinations where Americans ventured to see what he might discover not only around him but also within himself.

Naturally, a journey into tropical Africa has its dangers in terms of insects and stomach upsets as well as being robbed. On the positive side, he did have interesting encounters with a variety of characters and he was befriended in some unlikely situations.

His storytelling style is very expressive and lively. His tall, rangy body and long arms are constantly on the move. His natural, open enthusiasm enthrals.

Reviewed by Ben

Gilded Balloon Teviot: 14

1 to 27 August 2012 (not 14 & 21)

14.00 – 15.00

Fringe Programme Page Number: 296

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