NewsRevue – Canal Café Theatre

5 Star


There are a number of constants each and every Fringe. Everywhere is uphill no matter which direction you are going, the weather is at best mixed and the Canal Café Theatre will turn out an excellent hour of NewsRevue.

The format is fairly similar, four actors this year Jenny Bede, Luke Coldham, Rebecca Harper and Oliver Izod, perform short sharp sketches and satirical songs while MD Chris Peake tinkles the ivories.

As a previous cast was once dubbed the Smiling Assassins, this is still a suitable description for this years as they, and the audience, smile whilst knives are being applied to the celebrities being lampooned.

In a year when nothing much was happening (!!) they managed to turn out their normal impeccable performance. The pace is frantic, the writing cutting, the choreography excellent and the singing and acting under the direction of Adam Morley spot on.

Okay who got it then? Royalty, Rebecca Brookes, Andy Murray, Edinburgh Zoo pandas, Fearne Cotton were amongst those given the treatment,  but the real vitriol, as always was reserved for the politicians and quite right too.

This top class show should not be missed.

Reviewed by Geoff

Pleasance Beyond

Until 26 August

18-20 to 19-20


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