CeilidhKids at the Fringe – Free!

4 Star


Fun Scottish Dancing for all the family is what this says, and that’s pretty much what you get. I say pretty much, as the flyer’s age group (3-7) was fairly accurate (some younger siblings weren’t entirely keen), and also because it seems to be mainly solo parents, dancing with one or more children, rather than whole family groups. It seems to be best to equal, or be outnumbered by the children you take – stray parents at the side haven’t really got a role. But don’t let that put you off – if you’ve only one child, they’ll just have to go twice, so both parents can have the fun!

And it is a lot of fun. Ceilidh steps are broken down into simple routines, and images that even very young children can understand – being a train, being the scenery. It’s all explained, then the music starts, but the leader keeps calling, so no one gets too lost or confused.

Don’t forget to take along, or buy a drink, as it’s fast paced and your children will definitely need a pause. This was so popular, that they added an extra daily session, but even that was packed, which if anything, was the only downside.

Reviewed by Gill Smith

Laughing Horse @ The Counting House

To 11th August

11:00 to 11:45 – 12:10 to 12:55


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