Chris Ramsey – Feeling Lucky

5 Star


Young genial Geordie Chris Ramsey has been building up a huge following in recent times, his show is always on the Pleasance sell-out board, but for some reason it was my first chance to experience what the phenomenon was all about.

I have to say I was not disappointed in anyway.

Ramsey is a believer in luck, and puts this to the test with the ‘selection’ of audience members to talk to initially a la Derren Brown, not picking the obvious candidates for Chris.

This done he never let’s up with stories, he is a master at engaging his audience with his style of narrative, he is a keen observationalist too, he can gag, has oodles of stage presence and charisma. He appeals across the board age wise too. If he wasn’t such a nice guy and talented comedian I would hate him!!

Luck does feature as  a huge part of his set, which is bursting to the seems with quality material. I especially liked the section where he nearly didn’t survive a family holiday as a child, but then I liked it all.

You may be lucky to get a ticket such is his popularity, but do yourself a favour and try to see some one who could be the next comedy superstar.

Reviewed by Geoff

Pleasance Above

Until 26 August

19-40 to 20-40


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