Jeff Leach: Boyfriend Experience


Jeff Leach is self-confessedly ‘needy’, and he has fine tuned his techniques for getting the responses he needs from the audience. His apparent honesty is entirely charming, and does create a predisposition to find him funny – which he is. The show, as he says, is all about him and his problems (especially in maintaining relationships), which is great because even when he’s sat on someone’s knee, it’s still all about him and not the traumatised audience member.

Jeff is confident and very engaging, full of energy as he variously prances, struts, dances and writes his way across (and almost off) the stage. His whole body is involved in the gestures that accentuate his words, and if that wasn’t enough, he’s got some powerpoint and music too. There are some slightly weaker sections, and I wasn’t completely convinced by the central thread, but there’s definitely enough here to make an enjoyable and funny hour.

If you are at all apprehensive of a performer taking any notice of you whatsoever (even to borrow your handbag!), sit further back where you can laugh at him doing it to someone else. If you do sit in the front row, you’ll be able to see his (rather good) tattoos.

Reviewed by Laura

Gilded Balloon

until 27 Aug, 21:30


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