Nina Conti – Dolly Mixtures

4 Stars


Now the stunning Ms Conti has been a Fringe regular for ages, and of course in her early shows she was really part of a double act, her of course and the irreverent Monkey and what a trial to her he was!!

Gradually over the years others have stepped up and poor Monkey is now only a small part of the show, but I am not alone in wishing he still had larger role.

That is not to say I don’t like the others, just I’m wondering if half a dozen or more puppets are just maybe a step too far for most of her audience.

There is now audience participation as well as some ‘lucky’ audience members find themselves as extra puppets for this very inventive lady.

The concept of the show seems more than just having fun here, but one cannot take it away she is a very talented performer and also being exceptionally popular as constant sell-out shows will attest to.

Reviewed by Geoff

Pleasance Kingdome

Until 27 August

20-30 to 21-30


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