Rob Auton: The Yellow Show


I think this show might appeal to you if, in addition to ‘knowing of the colour yellow’ you don’t mind a little insanity in your comedy and enjoy things that are completely surreal, like the song from the Lion King reworked for a particular brand of yellow fruit (I won’t spoil it). I was a little perturbed that Rob read some of his lines (concealed in a particular telephone directory, which also had other uses), but by the end I realised he is also a poet. So that’s okay?

There is an impressive collection of yellow things, and Rob’s pottering around and setting them up made for a seamless slide from not-show-audience–entering-just-setting-up to show-now-pay-attention. Rob’s stage presence is a little erratic, like he’s trying to suppress his fizz. You can, if you wish (and lots of people did) watch the show with ‘sunflower-tinted spectacles’ which were a lovely touch.

This is a (free) hour about yellow. It might make you laugh – the full audience I was part of certainly did. If it does, you can make a donation at the end. If nothing else, looking at all the yellow will make you smile.

Reviewed by Laura

PBH’s Free Fringe @ Banshee Labyrinth

until 25th Aug, 16:00


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