DeAnne Smith – Living The Sweet Life

4 Star


DeAnne Smith is a young lady with a huge comedy future ahead of her that is for certain. She comes from ‘Across the Pond’ and is doing her second full length Edinburgh comedy show and fairly packing them in so she is living the good life right?

Well ish. She is doing okay and can occasionally pay people to do things for her which she previously had to do for herself. But ever generous she selects a member of the audience to be pampered, cushions, a drink, snacks and more as the hour progresses.

Opening and closing with a song accompanied by the inevitable ukulele, DeAnne wins everyone onto her side, even a couple of guys who really were in the wrong show for them settled in and enjoyed it.

She is a lady who seems to thrive on feedback, and the audience I was part of were very positive about her and her very funny stuff, and the more we gave then the better she became and the upward spiral continued.

And then of course there was the finale. And to find that out you’ll have to go see for yourself.

Reviewed by Geoff

Gilded Balloon Balcony

Until 26 August

19-30 to 20-30


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