Stu and Garry in The Lunchtime Show

4 Star


Stu Murphy and Garry Dobson are two of the very best when it comes to Improv comedy. This Edinburgh based duo perform this style of show virtually every week of the year at The Stand Comedy Club, so perhaps it is little wonder that they are as fine tuned as a Formula One engine.

They have the innate ability to read a room, deal with all thrown at them and my goodness they get plenty in that manner yet still create a novel experience everytime.

The show I attended was well populated and one and all enjoyed their hour as our intrepid duo worked their way through a whole host of Improv games, I guess at least half a dozen were showcased during their hour.

The beauty of this show is that everyone is different, so there is nothing to stop you attending more that once as at least one member of the audience I spoke to had done.

If there is a better way to start a Fringe day, well I’ve still looking for it.

Reviewed by Geoff

Assembly Rooms Studio 2

Until 26 August

12-15 to 13-15


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